Lions District T1 Tasmania

Lions Tasmania

Around 950 Tasmanians work together as Lions across 48 clubs make up the Tasmanian (T1) district.  Throughout Australia 25,000 members in 1,200 clubs are serving the country. Worldwide, there are over 1.46 million members in over 210 countries and geographical areas, forming the world's largest service organisation, Lions Clubs International.

Lions Clubs leverage local community spirit to achieve outcomes, and if the job is a big one Lions clubs work in groups, nationally or internationally to make positive outcomes possible.

Lions Clubs in Tasmania provide support for a vast range of projects across all areas of the state. Lions work with youth, the elderly and infirm of the community. Lions are active in the local community doing good wherever they can.

The Lions Tasmania district (201T1) covers the entire state of Tasmania including King and Flinders Islands. This is the only district in Australia in this position; all other states consist of several districts.


Lions Clubs help raise funds for all kinds of projects. Most Lions Clubs sell Lions Mints, Christmas Cakes and Puddings. Every club has a range of projects under way for various causes in their community.

Be assured 100% of funds raised by Lions go to the designated cause.
Unlike many other organisations, Lions Clubs do not use any part of your donation to pay administration costs.

We Are Lions

Lions undertake projects to improve the quality of life of people in need.  We undertake vision and health screenings, build parks, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, assist youth, provide drug awareness, and provide help in time of disasters and bushfires.  If there is a need, there is a Lions Club nearby.

Lions experience a number of personal benefits including leadership skills, a sense of self worth and purpose, business skills, networking opportunities and lifelong friendships.

The future is ours and it starts here today.

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Lions are people in your local community who strive to make a positive difference. The world's biggest service club works locally, nationally and internationally to achieve outcomes that none of us could achieve as individuals.Lions Two More Hands Membership Logo

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